The best times os your day

Hotel Rayon

Everyday, when we wake up, we have the chance to have a completely different day from yesterday. Every morning, afternoon or night is a possibility there are days that deserve calm and baths that last minutes more. while in others, all we want is to be alone in a room. Its a gift: everyday we have 24 hours. it seems obvious, however many times these hours slip away. we live formatted, with rules that can stop being rules. Monday the day to dine out and Wednesday the day to turn night. Saturday the day not to leave the bed. There is beauty in 10, in 4 and in dawn. While some sleep others cheer. Some arrive, other leave, some wake up, others awaken. Some enjoy, others celebrate. And between arrivals and goodbyes, there are so many meeting that can precede one only day. who comes to work or to visit, who comes for one day meets who has lived here all their lives, everything can happen in 24 hours, at the same place. Rayon. the best hours of your day.



Opened to the public, the best of Curitiba´s gastronomy. At the Grand Mercure Curitiba Rayon you can experience the highest oriental cuisine signed by the Michelin star chef Kazuo Harada, enjoy yourself with our brazilian and international cooking or have a delicious and refreshing drink along with exepcional snacks at our bar.

quartos e suítes

Rooms & Suits

There are 158 apartaments being 07 suits and other three categories of apartaments, each one idealizes to understand our guests different needs. All categories have in common the highest care for comfort, practicality, and a cozy, welcoming enviroment.


Wedding Night

The best choice for a perfect wedding night in Curitiba. Packages starting at R$750,00 + taxes

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Personalized Packages

We personalize your stay with the best services: day spa, romantic dinner, pijama party. Talk to us for more information.

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Our Special Services

We have a team highly trained focused in offering the best services and experiences so your stay with us is unforgettable. We put ourselves always in our guests shoes in order to evaluate our services, and even more, enhance them, seeking to facilitate the day to day of a busy everyday life.



VIP Services

Habitués guest program

Multilingual Team


The Grand Mercure Curitiba Rayon offers the most beautiful and varied spaces for events of different format and style: socials, corporative, products lauch, confraternizations, holding memorable gatherings with exepcional cuisine, excelent structure, services and equipaments. Make your event at our bar, at our Presidencial Suite or even in our convention center.

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